Off to Hawaii – a good end to a miserable year

2015 will go down as the worst year in my life so far, no doubts about that! It has been a year when I suffered a lot, learned some hard lessons, and had to face several uncomfortable truths about myself. I’ve battled terrifying depression and felt things I wasn’t ready to handle. As painful as that … Continue reading “Off to Hawaii – a good end to a miserable year”

India’s undercurrent of propaganda

India is currently at an interesting political standpoint. We finally have a single party forming the central government without needing support from other parties (last this happened was in 1984). The average Indian person seems to be much more aware and concerned about the political situation, and invested in the country’s future, especially young people. All … Continue reading “India’s undercurrent of propaganda”

Looking forward to KubeCon

I’m attending KubeCon next week, the inaugural Kubernetes conference. If you’re unfamiliar with Kubernetes, it is a very powerful container orchestration system originally built at Google, and open sourced earlier this year. Google has consistently led innovation in building large scale software systems, so Kubernetes comes with a solid reputation, backed by an experienced team, … Continue reading “Looking forward to KubeCon”

Learning about empathy

Empathy is such a simple concept to understand, yet so difficult to practice! Kids are taught about it. The word itself is lazily thrown around, assuming everyone knows how to empathize, that it’s something we’re naturally good at. Well we’re not! Even if we care enough to look outside our own busy lives to try and want to empathize with … Continue reading “Learning about empathy”

Supporting a football club

Sunday, March 28, 2004 : Arsenal vs Manchester United at Highbury, London was the first live football game I watched (on TV, of course). I’d only ever followed cricket before that and played some football, but this was unlike anything I knew in sport. It was fast and full of action. These players were really passionate and the … Continue reading “Supporting a football club”

Rediscovering Podcasts

This summer, I was interviewing at several companies. Among other things, it involved a lot of travel, and there was little I could do while traveling. If I was driving, I’d mostly listen to my usual Spotify playlists, although they got boring pretty soon. Taking the train allowed me to read in addition, but I’d usually get … Continue reading “Rediscovering Podcasts”

Eight lessons I learned in college

I’m writing a post after around five months! Whoa! What a ride the last semester has been! I’ve now graduated (provided they give me my degree) from one of the best colleges in India, with new hopes and dreams, some knowledge, passion and a lot of friends. The past few months have been a blur, … Continue reading “Eight lessons I learned in college”